Thursday, December 9, 2010

When the Words Don't Come...

This space has been neglected, I know. It isn't because I haven't been practicing, not at all. I've just hit one of those phases in my life, whether it be because of the season or the roadblocks being tossed my way, where I'm not completely sure that I'm willing to share my journey. Hey, I've got hella mutable energy in my chart, baby! Sometimes I ebb, sometimes I flow.

October through the beginning of January is a rather busy time for me. I'm not just talking spiritually either. There are birthdays and deathdays and all manner of intrusion into my precious time. This is the time of year where the elderly tend to enter the hospital or otherwise need more assistance than usual, and because I was accepted to (but did not attend) med school, family tends to rely on me as the go-between with doctors and as caretaker when necessary. I enjoy this type of work, really, so I'm happy to do it. It does have a tendency to consume one though.

And we have come to the dark of the year. The Old Woman has shaken her goose down comforter over the land and sent the feathers flying! Oh, the elation I felt as the white snow crunched beneath my bare feet whilst I collected that first snow of the season! This is also the first year where I can still feel the energy of the wonderful creatures of the green despite their underground slumber.

Still, I feel disconnected from this online world. I feel disconnected from writing. I feel disconnected from the idea of being part of a group, even to the point that I've disbanded the coven that I so yearned for just a few years ago. I don't know if I want to share anymore. Then again, I know that there will be an end to this withdrawal. It has ever been a temporary thing, so I'm hesitant to remove myself completely.

So, forgive me if the posts continue to be sparse. Forgive me if there are no jaw-dropping images to share or if the only thing I talk about is the menu for our family Holy Supper.

This too will have its end.

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