Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finding Home

It may not come from a hefty tome on witchcraft or an anthropolical diatribe, but I found this quote from Gene Logsdon's The Contrary Farmer to be very relevant to my personal practice. Maybe it will wedge itself into your psyche too:

The first [characteristic that may be learned] is a love of home. People with a true vocation to contrary farming find so much fascination in the near-at-hand that they feel no need to wander the world in search of truth, or beauty, or amusement... Right here in our neighborhood there are dramatic stories wating to be written about nearly every farm and village home I have privileged to enter.

If you look far enough back, even my conservative, trashy Midwest town--where there are more TruckNutz than trees--has magic and mystery as part of its story.

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