Wednesday, February 16, 2011


O, Dionysos! You are a labyrinth! Throw me a yarn?

My first Anthesteria has come and gone. There was no deep connection to Dionysos or amazing epiphany, though I did feel the first gush of my menses as I opened the first overpriced bouquet of roses with which to decorate his altar. Mostly I felt that I was going through the motions, which was sort of odd because in the days leading up to the festival I was truly feelin' it. He was in each and every one of my dreams for a week, and my thoughts would turn to him often throughout my daily goings on. Still, I'm glad that I did it. After my November lucid dream/journey (uh, I somehow didn't document that on this blog, but you can read it here) I got the distinct impression that celebration for celebration's sake was very important to Dionysos. Not that that's all there will ever be, but it's a lesson I need to learn nevertheless.

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