Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last night's dream was pretty standard and easily deciphered, but just before I woke I referred to myself as "the convergent blue herb." THAT threw me for a loop. I will have to ponder this further...

I am in a high school gymnasium watching a basketball game when my husband approaches and tells me he needs me to get something out of his pants. I raise my eyebrow as if to say, "really? Right here and now?" He reaches down the front of his jeans and pulls up the white inner lining of his pocket to show me that something is stuck on it. As I'm trying to scrape whatever it is off of his pocket, he continues to walk around the gymnasium, jumping off of bleachers and taking steps two at a time. Because he is so much taller than me, this makes my favor to him exceedingly difficult. I tell him that he is making things harder on me, but he just chuckles and continues on. I somehow manage to finish the task at hand and then spot my sister- and brother-in-law on the lawn. (The indoor gymnasium morphed into a hybrid gym and football field.) I vent to my sister-in-law, telling her how frustrated I am over the fact that I am a very physically active person who eats well and yet my husband, the couch potato, is bigger, stronger, and faster. She tells me that it is the same in her marriage. I turn back towards my husband, and that is when I say in a somewhat resigned manner that "I am the convergent blue herb." I consider my words for a very brief moment. Did I mean to say "herbalist"? No, what I said was correct.

Then I am awake. Obviously there are some frustrating inequalities in my marriage right now--*ahem*. I find it quite comical that my sister-in-law, with whom I have an extremely adversarial relationship in the waking world, is always exactly as I wish her to be in my dreams. Even in the dream the whole herb thing threw me.

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